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Galvanized Tray Series 2For some time now, I’ve talked about remodeling our kitchen. Yet, I’ve never been totally honest with you about the real state of my kitchen. Maybe I’ve been a little embarrassed at the true state of the kitchen but today that is going to change. I’ve taken some very raw pictures of the kitchen and I’m sharing them with you today. Maybe some big-box retailer [Lowe’s or Home Depot] will partner with us on this project, but for now it’s our project. We honestly thought this project would be complete by now.

As a homeowner, you quickly learn that other things can take precedence over the big dreams you had for home projects. This leaves you living with the space until things start breaking. It really does take major discipline to complete a project like remodeling a kitchen. Discipline and money! Money talks when you have a kitchen to be remodeled. Even if you tackle the space yourself and go the DIY route, you’ll still need money and discipline. And lastly, you’ll reach deep within yourself for patience. I’ll be highlighting some problem areas in the space and hope you’ll hang around for it all. Here is what the kitchen looked like when we moved in 4 years ago.

kitchenbefore (1)

Problem: Kitchen is too dark. We painted the kitchen not that long after we moved in so the space is actually a little brighter now. The walls are painted Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige. Not sure if I’ll keep that color once we start major updating but it works for now. The custom cabinets, though nice and salvageable, are too dark for our taste. So depending on the cabinet color, the wall color might change in the future as well. Painting the cabinets and changing the wall color could really lighten the kitchen.



Another reason the kitchen is dark is because of bad lighting. There is one big fluorescent light that works sometimes. I guess there is a short in the switch so the light’s power is spotty and random. About 15 minutes (or whatever timing it chooses) after turning on the switch, the light comes on. Not only does the fluorescent light look bad (notice the cover is chipped too), it also produces bad light. Big bulb lighting should never be in a residential kitchen. It’s just too harsh. That’s just my un-educated home decor advice though.

The only other lighting in the space is a copper fan with green light covers. The location of it is a little awkward for starters, as it’s off centered from the back nook area. It’s actually kind of cool but I’m not sure we need a fan in the kitchen. Plus, if we add in the built-in breakfast area in that back space, I’d like a nice pendant light to go above it. In that case, this light wouldn’t work.


Problem: Appliances need work. When we moved in, there was a big built-in microwave that didn’t work. When we updated the dishwasher, we took the built-in microwave out too. It was replaced with our counter microwave. When it’s time to address more appliances, I’d like to get a oven / microwave combo. This would allow us to utilize the current microwave space for something else. That little cubby has potential. Not that long after we updated the dishwasher, the Subzero fridge and freezer finally stopped working properly. So we invested in a new Kenmore Elite All Refrigerator and Kenmore Elite All Freezer. So far, the new dishwasher, refrigerator, and freezer have worked out great. That leaves the cooktop and double oven to be replaced. In case you don’t follow us on Instagram, our double oven had an element that burst open right before we left for San Francisco. I doubt we will replace it. So, I currently don’t have a working oven. Go figure!





Problem: The sink and countertop are outdated. The countertops will obviously need to be updated because of their age. They are off-white Corian material. Again, the final choice will depend on the cabinet color and wall color. But, I can’t deny our love for butcher block countertops.


The sink is actually really cool! I like the size and the garbage disposal opening. But, moving forward, I’d love to replace this green cast iron sink with an apron-front sink. I know we could refinish this sink but I need an apron front sink in my life. I don’t want to cut any corners with that.


Problem: The flooring is in sweet disrepair. When we first moved in I scrubbed, stripped and did everything I could to make these floors workable. But the truth is I hate them! Sometimes, I secretly think about moving to a new kitchen just so I can have new floors. I mean, doesn’t a girl who loves to cook deserve pretty floors? Ok, maybe not, but guys, I hate the floors with a passion.  But I know that once we pull this sticky luxury tile up that we’ll have to deal with it all. So, I’ll be patiently waiting on demo day just to see the flooring go in the trash.


Problem: Unused space due to repairs needed. There is a great space in the back of the kitchen that would make an awesome breakfast nook. A built-in area, table, and new lighting would really expand the kitchen into this little back nook. It would definitely complete the space. Once the flooring is installed this can take place. Gotta get new floors though.


Lastly, there is a built-in pantry space next to the oven. But some of the pieces are missing so it’s not completely functional. I’d love to remove the current system and replace with sliding drawers. Big sliding drawers would work perfectly here and allow me to store plenty of food staples.


Lastly, there is a huge empty space in the middle of the kitchen. What’s that space for? It’s made for a beautiful, custom island. I’d love to get creative with the island and repurpose a piece of furniture. We shall see!


I’ve dreamed up what my ideal kitchen should look like and how it should function. So, I could go on forever with this topic. But for today, just enjoy my honest and raw take on the state of our kitchen. Of course, I’d love to have you think that my home is perfect but it’s not. It’s a work-in-progress.

What’s the biggest remodel you’ve been apart of? How did you survive?


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